what to do before booking us

The concept

Search for a theme and poses that would fit your desired look. Save your ideas on your device. Instagram hashtags, Pinterest and Google are your bestfriend.


Find a professional hairstylist/makeup artist that you can trust to follow through with your appointment and works in a timely manner.


Find an outfit your appropriate size that compliments body shape/skin tone.

TIP: Try on your outfit prior to your session to make sure it is comfortable to pose in and does not reveal unwanted areas.

Play me

One thing I will promise is to give you my undivided attention to ensure I capture the smallest details. I completely understand the significance and importance of these images and will ensure to capture the perfect moments throughout your photo session. Once the photoshoot have concluded, your photographs will represent the timeless memory to relive that day and the intimate moments which made that day extra special.

Important Information :

  • A Non-refundable initial payment of %50 of the full balance is due to secure the time of the session date.
  • Studio Fee $50-$200 Not included in packages
  • If you cancel same day for a studio session there will be a rescheduling fee for the studio and the photographer (me)
  • Studio time rescheduling allowed 24 hours before session at no charge
  • There will be a 7% Credit/debit Card processing fee and state taxes (combined) added to the invoice.
  • Rescheduling of session must be done no later than 72 hours prior.
  • All remaining balance is due 5 days before the session date. you will also receive automatic reminder emails.
  • All location and permit fees must be paid by the client through us or directly
  • On the day of your session, please arrive 15 minutes early so that we may start the session on time.
  • Time loss CAN NOT be made up.
  • Turnaround time 3-5 / 7-14 business days after receiving selections.

Portraits form and gallery below