You've made it through your first trimester, and you're starting to feel that little flutter in your belly—or maybe you're not. Either way, congratulations! You're pregnant, and you are about to embark on one of the most transformative journeys of your life.

It's an exciting time, sure—but it can also be scary. There are so many things that we don't know about pregnancy: how our bodies will change, how our babies will grow and develop, what we should be eating or avoiding… the list goes on.

But remember: as much as this journey is about you and your body, it's also about your baby. You're carrying life inside of you for nine months—so take care of yourself by nourishing your mind with positive thoughts and emotions. Your baby will feel them too!

Now it is time

The Sacrifices women make

Carrying a baby isn’t easy. It’s hard on the body, and it’s hard on your heart.

But carrying a baby is worth it.

You’re doing so much for your family when you carry a baby: you’re giving them someone to love and care for, you’re giving them someone to pass on their legacy to, and you’re giving them a chance at immortality—they may never die, because they’ll live on in the hearts of their descendants.

So when you carry a baby, think of these things. Think of how much your family needs you now, and how much they’ll need you then. If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for them.

WOmen create life

Creating life is one of the most joyous, beautiful experiences in the world. There's nothing quite like knowing that you're carrying a baby inside of you for nine months, and then finally bringing them into this world.

The bond between a pregnant mom and her child is something that we strive to capture in our photos. We know how important it is to capture those moments of happiness and love that happen every day when you're expecting a child.

Bringing a smile that last

We believe that the joy of creating life is something you should be able to see and feel.

At Widgy Normil Photography, we strive to capture the magic of pregnancy in your photos, so you can keep those moments with you forever. We know how important it is for pregnant moms to feel beautiful and confident in their bodies, and our goal is to help you celebrate that beauty!

We understand that pregnancy is an emotional time—and we want your photos to reflect that. You deserve images that capture the joys of carrying life inside of you for nine months, as well as all the other joyful moments along the way. That's why we work hard to create images that are more than just pretty pictures: they're reminders of what it means to be a mom.

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